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475 BOBOLICassina collection I Contemporanei

The Boboli table is characterised by its geometrically ordered lines, where the structural challenge facing Cassina was to ensure the stability of the slim-line twisted uprights that form the base. These uprights, both load-bearing and decorative, pay homage to the canons of the classical Italian garden, where plants were often trained vertically. The sinuous form of these aluminium legs confers a sculptural look to the design, where rigour and imagination come together to challenge the limits and the very nature of the material from which they are made. After several updates and revisitations, Cassina presented the latest iteration of the Boboli table in 2016, further improving its stability and resistance by fixing the table-top to the base. The construction excellence of the series is further enhanced by the painted aluminum bases available in matt black, gold chrome and gunmetal. A new version with 200 cm diameter and optional Lazy Susan is also available. 
Rodolfo Dordoni

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