For more than 100 years ALTRENOTTI factory has been producing sleeping area items: beds, mattresses, sommiers, linens and accessories. ALTRENOTTI manufactures products at any price range - from the luxurious Country Living collection with natural and antibacterial filling of mattresses and sommiers, Biorest mattresses and beds from the Urban and Why Not collections with an excellent price / quality ratio, to the most economical series presented by Soul beds. The factory can produce mattresses and beds according to the specifications of the hotel in accordance with the budget of the customer. Each price segment offers a children's ottoman bed with different options: a laundry container, a second bed, 2 drawers. Knowing everything about luxurious sleep, ALTRENOTTI skillfully combines tradition and the most advanced technologies. The ingredients of every ALTRENOTTI collection and product are typically Italian craftsmanship, workmanship, precious raw materials, as well as passion and talent.




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