The Italian factory ERNESTOMEDA, under the art direction of the architect Giuseppe Bavuso, is one of the leading manufacturers of modern kitchens. ERNESTOMEDA models balance functionality, simplicity of form and design ideas. The latest novelty of the factory is the Sign kitchen, conceived as a continuation of the living room, easily integrated into the common space. K-Lab kitchen is about functionalism and aesthetics of a professional kitchen, it is characterized by a system of open modules with a metal frame, new finishes and technological details. The Icon model is a Red Dot award winner, a bestseller by Giuseppe Bavuso, and its innovative elements (Icon Air ventilated facades, etc.) are patented by ERNESTOMEDA. The Soul kitchen answers the most emotional questions, thanks to materials and intuitive ergonomics. Model One is designed with compositional solutions for the ideal modern life. The Obliqua is all about technical materials and orderly elegance. Thanks to a wide range of finishes and materials, the possibilities of the ERNESTOMEDA collections allow to find a solution for projects focused on saving money and taking into account the peculiarities of kitchen spaces. In addition, ERNESTOMEDA has a contract division with many years of experience in equipping large residential complexes of various categories, for which, without losing quality, other contract prices for products come into force.




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