Archi News 27.07.2022

M+ Bonds

M+, in its Surfaces and Mosaics divisions, offers a range of products that can easily communicate.

BONDS is the collection of these combinations of surfaces.

Cromie. The colors are born from the mixing of tiles of the same format belonging to different m+materials. The random arrangement of colors and the material characteristics of the tiles in a game of reflections and shading, glossy and matte surfaces.

Sticks. Sticks is a collection of modules in full-mass porcelain stoneware, suitable for use on floors and walls for interiors and exteriors and for diving (swimming pools).
Sticks is obtained from sheets of material pressed and cut in the different formats of the collection, also characterized by different surface finishes.

The available tones are: Plaster, Clay, Smoke, Coal.

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